From on-site commissioning, essential repairs, and spare-part deliveries to conversions and retrofits in the event of changed requirements, we provide our customers with extensive services that ensure long-term availability of the systems for production.

System Overhaul

Our customer service team offers you various services for system overhaul of the latest generations and for some earlier systems, including:

  • Replacement of all O-ring seals
  • Chamber replacement or cleaning
  • Recalibration of the mass flow controller by an external provider
  • Retrofitting of additional gas channels
  • Upgrade to the T-5000 controller for 300AL PC systems

Our service team is on hand to answer your detailed questions and prepare a non-binding offer for the services you want.

Service Contact / Contact Details

David Byeon

Technical services manager Industrial Vacuum Systems

Service Contact / Contact Details

Tyler Youn

Technical services manager Semiconductor systems

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