Plasma Surface Treatment / A widely used plasma technology

RF plasma systems are the most widely used and versatile plasma technology. This plasma technology is applied in a low pressure vacuum environment to a broad spectrum of industrial, semiconductor and medical device applications.

Material surfaces that require cleaning, coating or chemical modification are immersed into the energetic environment of an RF plasma. Although they are subjected to chemically reactive species that are carried to their surfaces by the directional effects of many RF plasma systems. These directional effects can carry momentum under the right conditions. A plasma system can physically remove more inert surface contaminants and cross-linking polymers to lock the plasma treatment in place.

The plasma systems can be customized to meet a customer’s specific application and through-put needs. The chamber, electrodes, power generator and vacuum pumps are scaled based on the size and shape of the specific substrate to be processed. For example the generator frequency can be in the ranges of 40 kHz, 100 kHz, 150 kHz, 13.56 MHz with wattage’s from 1 to 2000 watts depending on the particular process requirements.

With focused engineering a RF plasma system can be designed to fit the precise need of the application without adding unnecessary costs and can usually meet the customers particular budget requirements.

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