High-Temperature Heat Treatment Systems

Our high-temperature heat treatment systems for process temperatures of up to 2,200 °C are planned specifically for each customer and designed for the heat treatment application in question to produce the best possible results in terms of heat treatment. With these systems, special attention has been paid to giving them a sturdy design and efficient process control. Loading and handling facilities calibrated to match the system complete a comprehensive package of services.

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Heat treatment under controlled atmosphere

Material relaxation and stress relief

Maintenance of component surface integrity

Highest surface purity

Optimized material properties

Our heat treatment facilities

PVA TePla offers vacuum high-temperature heat treatment systems for various industrial requirements. Furnace design and construction are tailored to meet you specific material process requirements and production volume.  Let us know your engineering requirements. Our experts are available to provide guidance on the best system options to meet your needs.  If you are not quite sure of the exact heat treat parameters PVA TePla has an in-house facility dedicated to R&D to help.


The PVA TePla high-temperature heat treatment systems are designed for process temperatures up to 2.200 °C - depending on customer-specific requirements. Special attention is paid to a robust design where safety and efficiency are paramount.  Demand-oriented loading and automated handling systems may be integrated through 3rd party solutions providers.

Vacuum heat treatment equipment with graphitic resistance heating

The COV vacuum plants can be variably and customized with regard to design, useful chamber size, vacuum and working temperature. These plants are double-walled, water cooled, steel vessels and equipped heating elements made of graphite or carbon fiber composites (CFC).

The COV systems are robust, with outstanding temperature uniformity typically calibrated to within ±3 °C temperature deviation throughout the vessel.  The COV system is ideally suited for quenching and tempering, and brazing processes on reaction-insensitive materials.

Vacuum heat treatment equipment with metallic resistance heating furnaces

Our MOV plants are resistance-heated heat treatment furnaces with heating elements made of refractory metals such as molybdenum or tungsten. The heat is transferred by radiant heat from the heater directly to the product to be treated. MOV systems are suitable for universal heat treatment processes which require a high-purity and carbon-free furnace atmosphere, for demanding materials and for manufacturing and laboratory applications.

Thanks to PVA‘s all-metal design - cold-wall furnaces with water-cooled double shell made of stainless steel and multi-layered metal sheets and foils for thermal insulation - the MOV plants are predestined for operation with high vacuum.

Application areas and markets

Typical areas of application for vacuum heat treatment are high-tech industries, since high purity gas and high vacuum is required both in the manufacturing process and for the materials themselves. The various applications such as heat treatment, degassing, bright annealing, CVD coating, or vacuum and inert gas brazing are used in these industries, among others:

Vacuum technology

Medical Technology

Semiconductor Manufacturing

Other fields of application are found in the manufacture of components made of highly reactive metallic materials such as niobium, zirconium, tantalum, titanium or even special ceramics. Semi-finished products and products often also have to be cleaned in a vacuum.

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