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PVA TePla AG started in 1991 in Wettenberg, Germany, and has been providing equipment, services and S/W solutions to customers. In the early 2000s, we introduced market-leading technology to Korea and collaborated with customers.

We build and sell various plant equipment and systems for the development, manufacturing and processing of high-quality materials based on technical experience and performance accumulated for more than several decades in each industry.

With a vision to predict and lead the industry and accumulated technological experience, we are mainly supporting the development of important manufacturing processes and technologies in the semiconductor, cemented carbide, electrical/electronic and optical industries as well as future-oriented energy and solar power generation.

We are also supporting our customers through continuous R&D and system innovation. We lead the market in almost every technology area and are committed to sustainable development. PVA TePla Korea will be with you in your vision and development.



In a time of growing global economy, being able to offer a quality service has become a central requirement to achieve customer satisfaction and competitiveness. PVA TePla Korea provides a complete range of products and processes that has evolved over the years and is able to successfully build single plant components and complex turn-key industrial solutions.

Our goal is to meet all customer needs by ensuring quality products, delivered in the shortest possible time, at competitive prices. We have optimized our working methods to ensure that all stages of the production process are tightly integrated. Each full-system or single-component equipment order is assigned to a specific work group that manages all aspects of the entire production, from design to final delivery.


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