PlasmaPen™  / Atmospheric Plasma System

The PlasmaPen™ is a patented atmospheric plasma pen cleaner system for various surface preparation requirements such as surface clean and surface activation.

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The PlasmaPen™ is a self-contained unit that operates at atmospheric pressure. Its patented design keeps high voltages and current safely inside of the pen body, away from the plasma jet and substrate surfaces. Surface cleaning and activation with the PlasmaPen™ ensures a reliable wire and die bonding in semiconductor packaging. It has found particular success in adhesion promotion of anisotropic conductive film (ACF) used in flat panel display manufacturing to name a few.

Plasma Pen Cleaner Surface Cleaning/Activation Applications:

  • Electronics packaging
  • Solar devices
  • Flat Panel displays
  • Textiles
  • Life Science and Medical device products
  • Automotive, Aerospace and Nautical parts
  • Wires, cables, fibers
  • Toys and consumer goods
  • Windows/glass manufacturing

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