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Metrology Systems for Efficient Production

Our metrology systems are designed to detect defects and surface contamination. They help our customers to see damage and defects on their products and establish the causes at the earliest possible stage. As a result, corresponding measures can be taken quickly in order to prevent damage and further increase productivity.

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Defect Analysis

Manufacture of increasingly small components means higher costs for every single manufacturing step. Therefore, it is crucial to detect defects in manufacturing as early as possible. This is the only way in which corresponding corrective measures can be instigated while enabling effective, cost-efficient production.

  • Shear Stress in Wafers

    The latest generations of microelectronic and micromechanical components demand ever-higher quality of the wafer material, as even the tiniest defects in the crystal affect the functioning of the chips located there. Measurement and evaluation of shear stress provides reliable insight into the quality of the wafer material and allows identification of defects that may arise during mechanical processing or high-temperature processes such as epitaxy and in bonding.

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Detection of Contamination on Wafer Surfaces

Trace-Element Analysis

Current production processes need a high level of cleanliness, as the processes react extremely sensitively to contamination even at the tiniest concentrations. That’s why it is so important to keep all starting materials and process systems as clean as possible. This cleanliness can be proven with VPD technology right up to the boundaries of physical feasibility.

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